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10 best indoor plants that you can grow in your house right now

Are u the person who is interested in gardening

but you are thinking if you have to start you should have a big balcony

or a terrace but it is not true all you need is a small space inside your home itself

these plants will not only make your home beautiful with greenery but also purifies the air

so in this article, I have compiled information on

10 best indoor plants that you can grow in your house now.

English ivy:

English ivy is a great indoor houseplants plant. English ivy not only add greenery for your Indoors

but also help to purify and filters air pollutants

almost all Garden centers have English ivy in their store

because of its beauty

and don’t forget mist your ivy plant frequently especially during the winter season.

Aloe vera:

People around the world have been benefited from aloe vera for thousands of years

and it is preferred till now.

It is easy to grow in Indoors.

It is used for decorating the house and it also purifies the air too.

Aloe vera plant is very easy to maintain, just watering it once a week will be more than sufficient.

Dracaena plant:

Dracaena plant is one among the most common indoor plant

which is originated in madasaesiar and in some other Islands of Indian Ocean.

Dracaena plant is also known among the ‘easy to grow plant’

when these plants are young and small they will be so bushy eventually making it a perfect resident for the table tops and desks.

Dracaena plants don’t need much of a fertilizer.

Fertilizing it every 6 months or a year is enough to keep them healthy.

Spider plant:

Spider Plants are also known as airplane plant,

spider plant does not require a lot of maintenance.

Spider plant does not mind being water frequently and still,

it will look great.

Watering it once a week is enough.

Spider plants also remove airborne pollutants like other indoor plants.

Spider plants are best for hanging baskets because of its cool arching leaves and stems.   spider plants prefer indirect and moderate light.

It cannot handle temperature below 55 degree Celsius making it too cold for it

and whereas temperature above 80% are too warm making it a great indoor house plants.

Snake plant:

Snake plant is also known as ”mother in law’s tongue”.

Like other indoor plants need plants snake plant also filters indoor air pollutant

but this one is unique when it is compared to other indoor plants.

This plant converts carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night.

Snake plant removes toxins from are such as that nitrogen oxide,

toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Cactus plant:

Cactus plant is one of the most popular plants for indoors.

Generally, when it comes to growing indoor plants that downside

is it requires a Jungle like an environment to maintain

its health but for cactus is it is not a problem. \

It is a forgiving plant that can easily survive without water for months.

As far as toxicity is concerned it is safe for Dogs and cat simply because of its spines

which will hurt anything or anyone attempting to touch it. Cactus plants produce a lot of a large variety of colorful flowers,

your duty is to take care of it

Water it when it is completely dry and cactus prefers direct sunlight

so to keep it near a window.

Split-leaf philodendrons:

Split-leaf philodendrons are also known by the name swiss cheese plant

split leaf philodendrons grow faster and rapidly this plant leaves grows till 3 feet

and 2 feet wide.

If you are interested in having a big and low maintenance plant

in your indoors then buying split leaf philodendrons will be the best choice.

Peace lilies:

Peace lilies will grow well as long as it receives in a light.

If the soil is too soggy

or wet that this plant will die so make sure the soil is drained.

Never fertilize peace lilies too much just occasional slow release of

fertilizer is good for peace Lilies small peace lilies are perfect

for a plant stand or table pots.

Peace lilies are the most efficient house plant which filters indoor air pollutant.

keeping peace lilies in bedrooms will be a great choice.

weeping fig:

Weeping fig is a popular indoor plant.

It has glossy Green Leaves which are 5 inches long and it grows dense and dark.

Weeping fig only grows up to 3 feet long.

Weeping fig sheds leaves easily when it is moved around the house.

It doesn’t like to be disturbed or stressed.

So, my advice is don’t move this plan often.

Only move it when u feel that the previous spot was not the best place.

Weeping fig is particularly good in filtering air pollutants like trichloroethylene, toluene, benzene, xylene and for maldekyde

The string of pearls:

The string of pearls is also known as a string of beads of pearls

are little odd looking indoor plant when it is compared to other indoor plants.

This plant is an unusual plant when it comes to looks of it.

It has a unique thin thread like fleshy round and stems.

This plant will give you a great addition to your Indoor

Another great thing about this plant is it does not require a lot of care.

You can put this plant in hanging baskets

because of its trailing foliage can hang down.

This plant can be without water for a long time.

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